Eastern Cape Education Department

At the Eastern Cape Department of Education, our vision is clear: to offer a quality education and training system that transforms schools into centers of community life while promoting shared moral values, good governance, and sustainable development.

Our Mission: We are dedicated to providing quality education for sustainable development by:

  • Offering socially relevant and economically responsive programs that address the human resource needs of the province and the country.
  • Enhancing the skills base for agrarian transformation, manufacturing diversification, and tourism to meet the needs of the second economy.
  • Providing quality programs to build the capacity of all employees.
  • Encouraging participatory decision-making processes that empower the entire community at all levels.

Our Strategic Goals:

  • Ensure access to basic education and equity in opportunity and educational achievement for all learners.
  • Empower all learners to become responsible citizens by equipping them with skills, knowledge, and values.
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning at all educational institutions.
  • Enhance institutional efficiency through improved management systems and integrated service delivery.
  • Ensure economic, effective, efficient, and equitable resourcing within the education system.
  • Build cohesive and sustainable communities through cooperation with all stakeholders in education.

Connect with Us: For inquiries, assistance, or to learn more about our initiatives, reach out to us:

📞 Customer Care: 080 1212 570
📧 Email: az.vog.eodce@ertneceracremotsuc
☎️ Phone: +27 40 608 4200
📠 Fax: +27 40 608 4040