Gauteng Education Department

The Gauteng Department of Education envisions a future where all learners in Gauteng excel in school, leaving with the values, knowledge, skills, and qualifications essential for success in their adult lives.

Mission: Our mission is to ensure that quality learning and teaching take place in the classroom every day.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Effective Schools and Learning Institutions: Ensure that Gauteng’s schools and learning institutions operate effectively to provide quality education.
  2. Relevant, Coordinated, and Effective Support: Provide relevant, coordinated, and effective support to enhance the learning environment.
  3. Transition Support: Enable young people to smoothly transition from school to further education and/or work, providing additional training opportunities.
  4. Stakeholder Partnerships: Strengthen partnerships with all stakeholders, making education a priority in society.

Contact Details:

  • Postal Address: PO Box 7710, Johannesburg, 2000
  • Physical Address: 17 Simmonds Street, Marshaltown, Johannesburg, 2000
  • Tel: 011 355 0000
  • Website: