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Willearn – Western Cape – Johannesburg, Gauteng – our efficient and professional recruitment service. Characteristics we look for in our English teachers: Outgoing, responsible, adaptable, self-motivated and have a positive attitude. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, effective communicators, committed, compassionate, curious, patient and persistent, willing to share and collaborate, resourceful and inventive, well organised, ethical, reflective. 1) Teaching all areas of the English curriculum. 2) Taking responsibility for the progress… must be able to teach basic English, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills to students in the international class. The ENGLISH Teacher doesn’t necessarily need teaching experience, although any teaching or mentoring experience is a plus. The ENGLISH Teacher will be teaching basic English skills and lessons to the students of elementary, middle or high schools. He/She will be expected to follow all educational guidelines set by THE SCHOOL and/or its affiliates. On occasion, the ENGLISH Teacher will be asked… [....]


To apply for this job please visit the following URL:http://jobviewtrack.com/en-ke/job-4949416843030307541c00370d000d0f0052763c0c124943585f2f2101094b1d530b6a2e1c060921475f5d4a18290f1f1c55585a/4fe86f3e6616390bfdd586000e5dd28b.html?affid=5918d408a430c0083431917e56b0082b→

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