School Principal

Raizcorp – Randburg, Johannesburg – of all approved Radley Bobs, systems and processes that may be developed from time-to-time. – Personnel: – Providing professional leadership within the school. – Guiding, supervising and offering professional advice on the work and performance of all staff in the school and, where necessary, to discuss and write or countersign reports on teaching, support, non-teaching and other staff. – Ensuring that workloads are equitably distributed among the staff. – Being responsible for the development of staff… training programmes, both schools based, school-focused and externally directed, and to assist Guides, particularly new and inexperienced Guides, in developing and achieving educational objectives in accordance with the needs of the school. – Participating in agreed school/Guide appraisal processes in order to regularly review their professional practice with the aim of improving teaching, learning and management. – Ensuring that all evaluation/forms of assessment conducted in the school are properly… [....]


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