Kwazulu-Natal Education Department

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education is committed to providing opportunities for all residents of the province to access quality education and training. Our aim is to improve their lives and contribute to the advancement of a democratic culture.

Our Function: We fulfill our mission by providing Curriculum Management and Delivery, Institutional Development Support, Financial Services, and Corporate Management services.

Vision: To be an innovative hub for quality teaching and learning that nurtures learners to exploit opportunities for lifelong success.

Mission: Facilitate quality teaching and learning in a conducive classroom environment every day.


  • Honesty: Displaying integrity in service and intolerance to fraud, corruption, nepotism, and maladministration.
  • Caring: Discharging duties with kindness, generosity, and mindfulness of others’ needs.
  • Empathy: Sharing and understanding one another’s emotions and feelings.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrating the highest standards and exceptional conduct in our profession.
  • Integrity: Ensuring consistency of actions and conduct with the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • Fairness: Treating all people in a fair and just manner.
  • Excellence: Maintaining high standards of performance and professionalism, aiming for excellence in all endeavors.
  • Teamwork: Establishing shared goals and working together to improve service delivery.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Broaden Access, Strengthen Good Corporate Governance, Management, and Promote an Efficient, Effective & Results-Driven Administration
  2. Develop Human Capacity and Achieve Excellent Levels of Performance
  3. Develop Offices and Schools into Centers of Excellence and Improve Learner Performance in All Grades
  4. Develop Schools into Centers of Community Focus, Care, and Support in Promoting National Identity and Social Cohesion

Contact Information:

  1. KZN Education Head Office Building – Truro House
    • Contact Person: Not specified
    • Tel: 031 360 6911
    • Email: Not specified
    • Physical Address: 17 Truro House, Victoria Embankment Street, Durban, 4001
  2. EX-NED
    • Contact Person: Audrey Nonhlanhla Ngcobo
    • Tel: 033 846 54759
    • Email: az.vog.eodnzk@obocgn.yerdua
    • Physical Address: 228 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3200
  3. ABSA Building
    • Contact Person: Not specified
    • Tel: 033 348 6000
    • Email: Not specified
    • Physical Address: 194 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3200
  4. Davis
    • Contact Person: Mbali Mlambo
    • Tel: 033 260 1533
    • Email: az.vog.eodnzk@obmalm.ilabm
    • Physical Address: Davis Alexander Building, Church Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3200
  5. Provincial Examinations and Assessment
    • Contact Person: Not specified
    • Tel: 031 368 1061/22/24
    • Email: az.vog.eodnzk@notsinnep.dnomyar
    • Physical Address: 72 Malgate Building, Stalwart Simelane (Stanger) Street, Durban, 4001
  6. ELITS
    • Contact Person: Siyabonga Buthelezi
    • Tel: 033 341 6509/8
    • Email: az.vog.eodnzk@inimald.acinom
    • Physical Address: 15 Scott Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3200
  7. Anton Lembede Building
    • Contact Person: Miss Nompumelelo Gasa
    • Tel: 033 392 1031
    • Email: az.vog.eodnzk@asag.olelemupmon
    • Physical Address: 247 Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
  8. Bowden