Credence College

Credence College is a private combined school located at 140 Hennie Alberts Street Brackenhurst Ext1 Alberton, Gauteng Province, South Africa. The school’s EMIS number is 700400294 and postal address is Po Box 1422, Mulbarton, 2059

“Credence”, from the Latin Word “Credo”

We are dedicated to Democratic Principles, our mission being to encourage and enhance life-long learning, promote positive change in attitude to learning, cultivate personal growth, build self-esteem and create an environment in which each individual is cordially summoned to develop intellectually, socially, physically, psychologically and spiritually, by overcoming any specific barriers to learning.

Our aim and purpose in teaching is, therefore, to address the entire global nature of human existence and opportunity, and to make learning and thus, life, a more satisfying, exciting and enriching experience.

We will establish a home-from-home environment.

We are further dedicated to a vision of creating a learning environment based on Invitational Theory (Latin ‘invitare’ – summon cordially, not to shun), whereby we may intentionally summon each learner to realize his/her relatively boundless potential and invite the learner into, and facilitate the learner in the Education Situation. This theory is based on the following foundations as related specifically to Education.

The Perceptual Tradition

The learner’s behaviour is the product of the unique ways in which he/she views/perceives the Education Situation as individual.

The Self Concept Theory

The learner’s behaviour in the Education Situation is mediated by the ways in which he/she views him/herself as an individual. Self-concept is a complex and dynamic system of learned beliefs that each person holds to be true about his/her personal existence.


Creating an optimally inviting Education Situation for cooperative activity between facilitator and learner.


All learners are able, valuable and responsible and should be treated accordingly despite any disabilities they may have (critical pedagogy and inclusion).


All learners possess untapped potential in all areas of human endeavor. That no clear limits to potential have been discovered is a uniqueness of human beings. Hence the name of our college “Credence” from the Latin word credo meaning a belief, a mind-set, an approach, an attitude, credibility, confidence!


The intention is to create and maintain total environments that consistently and dependably invite the realization of each and every learner’s potential. It is our intention, as facilitators, to focus on the five ‘Ps’, which make up the ecosystem in which individuals continuously interact.


We aim to be personally and professionally inviting with ourselves and with others, because Trust, Respect, Optimism and Intentionality are created by PEOPLE themselves!


We aim to keep our physical environment welcoming at all times.


We aim to continually enrich our knowledge by reading and researching and implementing ideas on education, by enforcing codes of conduct, rules and regulations, both written and unwritten, as well as maintaining a structured, yet flexible, child-centered environment.


We aim to monitor programs of learning/tuition to ensure that they do not detract from the goals for which they were designed. We will ensure that our preparation is dynamic, needs-based, flexible and totally child-centered as apposed to curriculum-centered.


We will continually address the ways in which the other four ‘Ps’ are functioning by addressing such issues as cooperative spirit, collaborative effort, ethical guidelines, democratic and humane activities.


Our Mission Statement is concluded by an extract from ‘Lessons from the Hearthstone Traveler’ by Bob Standish (Good Apple Inc. 1988).

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