Dryharts Primary, Dryharts



Dryharts Primary, situated amidst the landscapes of the North West Province, is a public primary school offering ordinary education. Located at Stand No. 10067, Dryharts, 4747 in the vibrant suburb of Dryharts, Pudimoe, Dryharts, South Africa, it stands as a beacon of dedicated learning within the North West community.

School Fees

Dryharts Primary, as a fee-paying public school, requires tuition fees for enrollment. Fees typically range from R24,000 to R36,000 per year, depending on various factors such as grade level and additional services offered. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on fees payable, individuals are encouraged to directly contact the school administration. The school is classified as a Quintile 1 institution.

School Uniform

The uniform policy for South African schools is regulated by the South African Schools Act of 1996 and further guided by the North West Education Department. This legislation sets out guidelines regarding the design, colors, and wearing of school uniforms to promote a sense of identity, equality, and discipline among students. For specific details about Dryharts Primary uniform policy, individuals are encouraged to directly contact the school administration.

School Contacts

You can easily reach Dryharts Primary through various communication channels. Here are the options available:


In 2023, Dryharts Primary maintained a conducive learning environment with 594 learners and a dedicated teaching staff of 17 educators. This configuration translated to a high student-to-teacher ratio of 35:1, reflecting the school’s commitment to personalized instruction and academic support.