Vutomi High School, Johannesburg



Vutomi High School, situated amidst the urban landscapes of the Gauteng Province, is an independent secondary school offering ordinary education. Located at 1, Golden Highway, , Orange Farm, Johannesburg in the vibrant suburb of Orange Farm, Johannesburg, South Africa, it stands as a beacon of dedicated learning within the Gauteng community.

School Fees

Vutomi High School, as an independent school, determines its tuition fees to support operational expenses and educational resources. For accurate information on current fees and any available financial assistance options, please contact the school directly.

School Uniform

The uniform policy for South African schools is regulated by the South African Schools Act of 1996 and further guided by the Gauteng Education Department. This legislation sets out guidelines regarding the design, colors, and wearing of school uniforms to promote a sense of identity, equality, and discipline among students. For specific details about Vutomi High School uniform policy, individuals are encouraged to directly contact the school administration.

School Contacts

You can easily reach Vutomi High School through various communication channels. Here are the options available:


In 2023, Vutomi High School maintained a conducive learning environment with 536 learners and a dedicated teaching staff of 11 educators. This configuration translated to a high student-to-teacher ratio of 49:1, reflecting the school’s commitment to personalized instruction and academic support.